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Murk P31 "Struttin Like We Royalty"

Murk P31 Gang Memphis Royalty

It’s been six years since I wrote Royalty and it is still one of my most beloved songs! It was actually the final song I wrote to complete the P31 EP, bringing on a huge sigh of relief after hours of toiling and pressing to meet the project deadline. Somehow, no matter how much I try, I always end up in crunch time when it comes to releasing my albums (lol). I guess being under pressure works for me because the Holy Spirit seems to produce the best work when I am in desperate need of God’s creative power.

Royalty was birthed out of my desire to motivate and empower women to recognize and embrace their true worth in Christ. At a time when the hip-hop industry and media were placing such heavy emphasis on vanity and sexuality, I wanted women to know they were worth more than their outward appearance and sexual abilities. Lyrics like,

“We do not pump up our booty cause we are already too pumped up with our inner beauty”

“My mind is more flawless than my hair b/ I know my intellect will make you stare g/ yeah, I know you like my virtuosity” are bold statements that remind us of 1 Peter 3:3-4.

Living in a generation of women who are comfortable with being called ho's and b’s inspired me to be the voice that reminds them that they were born to be queens. We are not powerless women who need to compromise our morals and exploit our bodies to gain money and success. The truth is that it is God who has given us the power to obtain wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Royalty encourages us to use our authority and influence to pursue the blessings of the Lord that make us rich and add no sorrow. It reminds us that we are the royal priesthood and chosen generation that is called to not only enjoy those blessings for ourselves but to educate and inspire the next generation to pursue kingdom success in Christ also.

About Murk

Murk’s professional music career began after entering the Battle of the Praises music competition in Miami, Fl in 2012. After performing for award-winning Christian artists, Vicki Winans, Kierra Kiki Sheard, Beckah Shae, and Mr. Del, she walked away with the grand prize of $5,000 and some major exposure. This exposure landed her the attention of Grammy-nominated recording artist, minister, & CEO Mr. Del, who in 2013, offered her a recording contract on his label Dedicated Music Group. From there, she stepped out in faith, quit her job as an insurance agent, and packed up to move to Memphis, TN to pursue her hip-hop music career and kingdom purpose. Since signing to DMG, Murk has released five music projects, including her debut album Murk In Season (2013), mixtape Still Murkin’ (2015), women’s empowerment EP, P31 (2015), sophomore album Kingdom Kulture (2017), and latest release 31 Gang (2020). Her hit song ‘P31’, which provides a hip-hop spin on the Proverbs 31 woman, landed her music video placement on the music show Next, which airs on Magic Johnson’s television network Aspire. Read more about Murk.

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