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More Than Sexy Podcast & Playlist

Sometimes your environment can affect how you see yourself. We created the More Than Sexy Podcast to talk about how media and entertainment affect body image and self-esteem issues. We also specially curated a body-positive music playlist to combat the negative and misogynistic music we hear in modern culture. Dive into new music and new topics to help you overcome body image and low self-esteem. 


Body Positive Music

Many times our body image issues come from our environment. For the Founder, she realized her music was toxic to how she saw herself as a woman. So she changed her music tastes and curated this playlist along the way. Listen to the music that helped boost her confidence in Christ and share music that you think can fit the playlist! 

Submit Your Song

Thank you for checking out our website and playlist! Here is where you can submit encouraging and uplifting songs for women. Please include information about the artists so that we can shout them out on social media. Once you've submitted it, check your email for further instructions! 

Thanks! We will be in touch!

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