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Why Christian Body Image?

Christian body image looks very different from general body image content. Although it may be helpful, it fails to mention the one who gave us our image, God. I believe that for women to heal their identity and body image issues, they have to return to the One Who made them in HIS image. We teach women that they are called to conform to the perfect image of Christ. 


Fulfilling the Great Commission

Our heart has always been to fulfill the Great Commission in the special endowment given to us from God's Holy Spirit. Many young women are struggling with their identity because they might not know Jesus Christ. Or maybe they do but their focus is still on worldly values. It is our job to redirect the conversation away from the noise of our society and encourage women to renew their minds in Christ. This site serves as an evangelism tool to be shared with women who need this reminder. We encourage you to tell your testimony and share this Good News with every woman you meet. 

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