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Heal Body Image with Christ

Dual-Certified Body Image and Self-Esteem Coach

Discover a faith-based approach to embracing your true beauty and boosting your self-esteem. This is a journey of self-awareness and biblical wisdom to help you achieve victory once and for all.  


This is for you if:

You're tired of fitting into society's standards of beauty & want to be content with who you are

You're tired of living for the applause of others while neglecting God's will for your life

You're exhausted with allowing other's opinions of you to change how you feel

You want to embrace modesty but you still have that HOT GIRL in you 🤪

You're not called to fit in, but to stand out as God's daughter. 

How Does Coaching Work?

I had a client who didn't know why she was held back in life. We discovered through coaching that she had allowed the fear of opinions to keep her stagnant and immovable. She was afraid of what they'd say about her. Once we discovered the root cause of her lack of progress, she addressed this with the Lord, applied the worksheets and exercises to her life, and new doors began to open. This time, she walked through them. Week by week we'd get on the phone and she would have so much joy about life. Our first few months were filled with anxiety and confusion until the root of the problem was found. This is what coaching can do for you. 


Be content and confident in who God designed you to be

Discover God's will and purpose for your life with actionable steps

Grow deeper in the love of God & strengthen your relationship with Christ

Embrace modesty and godly beauty without compromising to fit in

About The Coach


Jasmine C. Garner

I was minding my own business when the Lord woke me up over the course of a few days to tell me to coach women struggling with body image, self-esteem, and body dysmorphia. 🙃 I had been ministering through The Modest Movement Ministry since 2017 and it was time to get real and 1-on-1 with God's women. I became a Dual-Certified Body Image and Self-Esteem Coach in 2022 and launched a new platform to share more wisdom, tips, and strategies. 

What have been my struggles with body image and self-esteem? You will hear in most of the courses that I've struggled with childhood bullying, taunting, and media had the largest impact on my teen years. I also come from a traumatic and broken home, and this contributed greatly to my low self-worth. But God, Jesus saved me from a life of sinful habits and healed my fragmented soul. Now I'm here to help others walk that same journey.

In His Image Coaching Program

Faith-based Coaching

We apply God's word and wisdom to help coach and address root issues

Weekly Progress Work

Receive action steps, worksheets, & strategies to apply what we discuss

1-on-1 Weekly Sessions

Meet once a week for one hour to discuss your pain points and actions to take

Recorded Sessions

Keep your recordings to go back and listen to them for clarity

No long-term commitment

Coaching is short-term or long-term depending on your preference

Lifetime Access & Discounts

Get free access to any paid course & discounts on merch

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Free Consultation

Learn how coaching can help you overcome body image & self-esteem issues.

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