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Is Seeking Attention A Bad Thing?

God made women very beautiful creatures. In fact, He looks at all humanity as beautiful, a masterpiece, a work of art. It is in our very nature to be noticed, recognized, & appreciated. It is not a bad thing to desire recognition & to be seen. We are people, we are alive, our lives matter in the scope of things. I would like to think that being acknowledged or noticed is apart of everyday mannerisms, when we walk into a room, we greet whoever is present. We speak to people when we make eye contact.

But I'm afraid that our desire for attention has become an inordinate or excessive problem. Women in particular easily fall into the excessive desire for attention. We often alter our look and behavior to be noticed. Let's see how this is good and also bad.

Seeking Attention Is Good

Let's start with the good news. It's okay to seek attention for the right reasons. Whatever our expertise, we desire to be recognized for our skill level and education. When going to a job interview, we make sure to be well-groomed and professional so that we stand out from the other applicants. We brush up on our skills, resumes, personal development because we need the right attention. There are certain desires that we have in life and so it is a requirement to prepare and position ourselves in a way to be seen by those who can help us reach our goals.

Even in relationships, we carry ourselves a certain way to be pleasing to the eye. Not just in the matter of dress but even in our personality and character. Most people will say, "A woman doesn't need to find a man, she just has to wait," true to an extent,

but a woman needs to get dressed and be presentable enough to be found by him!

She ain't gone find him at home. My point is, seeking attention for the right reasons is wisdom. Opportunities don't always find us, but only when we get in a position to be realized.

Seeking Attention is Bad

Now the bad news is, seeking attention can be an inordinate desire. The Bible talks about "inordinate affections", which is similarly called lust and evil desire. Inordinate means to be excessive, unnatural without limitation. How far can we go to be seen? We see often in movies, a young secretary looking to get a raise or promotion might undo a few buttons, wear something a little more revealing to get the boss's attention. Or maybe even manipulate a few people so that they appear more qualified. This is desire gone wild.

Online we see many young women undressing, poking it out a little further, wearing more makeup, even getting boob jobs to satisfy their inordinate desire for attention. It's a deep longing to be seen, to be loved and liked by strangers who could care less what their name is. Because they have an inordinate desire too, to have what they're gawking at. It's vicious.

If you find yourself doing "inordinary" things for attention, then it's time to repent and change your old ways of getting it. Ask yourself what kind of attention are you seeking and why? What will it do for you? What do you think it will accomplish? There's a root to every sin, and the only way to make it inoperative in your life is to repent to Christ & ask Him for help. Maybe you didn't get attention growing up, maybe men have rejected you a lot... I know that feeling.

But God says in Zechariah 2:8, "You are the apple of His eye".

"I have tattooed your name on the palms of my hands", Isaiah 49:16.

"I will never leave you or forsake you", Deuteronomy 31:6.

"Don't draw attention to yourselves by the way you look, but adorn your inner beauty which is most precious to God," 1 Peter 3:3-4.

Think on these things, sis. He can change you. Find out how much God loves you.

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