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7 Signs That You Have Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem and body image issues are becoming a serious epidemic. I think it has always been swept under the rug for most, but with increased social media usage, it's all coming to the surface. Living with these issues is hell enough for women, but to log in to social media and be triggered constantly--that's an amplified problem many are not ready to face. But how do you know if you have low self-esteem or just a moment of self-consciousness? Most of us will have a day or two when we feel self-conscience or extremely aware of our flaws, however, it becomes a serious issue when a person consistently lives in this state. Below are seven symptoms of low self-esteem that are red flags that you may need a mental health counselor or a coach.

  1. You lack confidence in yourself. You live your life unassertive and unsure about what you want out of life. You also don't have the confidence to do the things you want to do because of fear.

  2. You're often indecisive about small and large decisions. A person living with low self-esteem might be afraid to make choices for themselves. Oftentimes, they just go with what everyone else wants or suggests.

  3. You lack boundaries. You don't have clear, direct boundaries when engaging with others, and people tend to walk over you and control you.

  4. You're a people-pleaser. Because you lack boundaries, you please others when they want something from you. You don't see yourself as important so you bow to the throne of others' desires instead of your own. For teens, this could mean giving in to peer pressure to engage in negative activities.

  5. You overdress or underdress to hide flaws. Not only do you lack confidence in yourself as a person, but it also shows on the outside. You wear clothes that are too big or baggy, or maybe you wear provocative clothes because you think others will pay more attention to you.

  6. You often ask others for their opinions of you and what you should do. Because you don't trust yourself or God, you often look for others to guide you. And their absence and disapproval of you cause you to feel extremely alone and rejected.

  7. You look for fulfillment in relationships or careers. People who suffer from low self-esteem may seek outside fulfillment in romantic relationships, friendships, and even their work. They may seem codependent on these relationships to sustain their personal happiness.

This list could be a lot longer but if any number of these symptoms are something you currently deal with, do you consistently have these habits or just in certain situations? An effective way to determine if you're living with low self-esteem is to ask those who are close to you if you exhibit a few or all of these traits on a regular basis.

Jesus desires to see your freedom from low self-esteem. It's not His will that you live in persistent bondage to feelings and beliefs of unworthiness when He formed you as the crown of His creation. You can't be the person He created you to be if you're held back in fear of who you are and how great He is to you.

I encourage you to seek a mental health counselor if you believe low self-esteem is causing you to live in depression, overwhelming sadness, and thoughts that you're not important. If you're in recovery from low self-esteem and you'd like support in reaching your goals and staying free, set up a free coaching call with me to review where you currently stand and where you see yourself in the future and how our partnership can help you reach those goals.

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